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The panel on the right shows a sample Realtime mode tide display. Included are the times and level of the next high tide, the next low tide, and the current time and level. The Realtime clock mode shown centers the display about the current time and shows the current tidal situation (X marks the spot). Tide levels can be shown in feet or meters. The small circle shows a new moon occuring at the time under the circle and the yellow and purple backgrounds give a visual indication of the sun rise and set times.

The program also shows currents for over 300 stations in the U.S. and British Columbia. Currents are shown in Knots. Some additional features of the Graph mode are shown also in this panel such as the scrolling time bar and the astronomical data box. Also shown is the data box available in all modes by left clicking in a window.

The Overview mode gives a long term view of the tides. A normal width display can show more than 14 days of tides.

Text output can be daily tides as shown here, or a calendar for a month at a time. Starting dates and the number of tides to compute can be set from the Text Tide Options menu.

Program options can be specified on the command line or can be changed interactively from the Preferences dialog.

A tooltray icon showing the realtime tide/current state of the selected station can be enabled to show in any of four styles.

The station selection menu allows a variety of display criteria and sorting options. Stations shown in the list can be displayed on a world map by checking the "Map" box. WXTide32 even computes the distance and direction to a station from the one currently selected. This is great for quick passage planning or just answering the common problem of "just how far away is Nurse Channel, Bahamas from here?"

This is the station map showing areas of coverage. Clicking anywhere in the map causes the 100 nearest stations to that point to be displayed and zooms the map in centered at the point clicked. Right clicking zooms the map out.